Child Caries Prevention

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"Prevention is better than cure"

Parents often ask me, how to take care of kid's teeth? When to start toothpaste for kids? How to clean? Which toothpaste is good for kids?

How to prevent caries in kids?

  1. Start cleaning of mouth (oral cavity), even when tooth has not erupted. Parents should clean the tongue and gum pads of their babies to prevent thrush (fungal infection develops on tongue usually).
  2. Next question comes to mind is How to clean tongue of babies? You can use wet gauze or soft muslin cloth to clean baby tongue and gums
  3. As soon as baby teeth erupts, it is very important to clean them. Again, with wet gauze or finger brush.
  4. Do we need toothpaste for brushing teeth? The answer is NO until kids learn how to spit, toothpaste shall not be used.
  5. Once your kid starts spitting, you can use toothpaste and brush for cleaning milk teeth.
  6. Parents frequently ask best toothpaste for kids? Toothpaste, which is fluoridated, is must to use. There are lots of fluoridated toothpastes available like Kidodent.
  7. Once, child has permanent teeth, normal adult toothpaste should be used.
  8. Night brushing is utmost important to prevent caries.
  9. Babies on bottle-feed should not be put on bed without cleaning teeth. The most common cause of nursing bottle caries or early childhood caries.
  10. Pacifiers or teethers should not be dipped in sweet syrups at any cost.
  11. Flossing is not required for milk teeth.
  12. Regular visit to dentist for normal check up is must. Dentist can find what all dental problems child can have in near future. How it can be prevented.
  13. A child prone to develop caries, at early stage, should be treated with pit and fissure sealants and fluoride treatment is effective too.
  14. Contact your dentist, before its too late. Painless and friendly visit to dentist is must for child, to prevent dental phobia, which will remain whole life. I call this as Dentophobia.